All Windows App Issue Guidance

Due to Windows different versions’ compatibility with SimpleLink app, and your PC local existing network setting before installing SimpleLink, it’s more possible to have issue on Windows than on other Operation system.

No matter what issue you are encountering, please go to User=> logout first, and then exit the app completely. If you can’t exit, please right click the Simple icon in the bottom right task bar or ctrl+alt+del to force exit. Then reboot your PC and restart SimpleLink app and re-login.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, please completely eliminate your current SimpleLink app in the Control Panel => Uninstall or Uninstall/Change. Then reinstall the new version:

Do not install SimpleLink in a directory that is named with special characters, space, or in Chinese.

Make sure the time on your windows system is synchronised as Beijing Time. Otherwise the app will not work.

Please also make sure when you install the new version, windows firewall, windows defender,  antivirus software are OFF or they give green light to SimpleLink. Most importantly, there is no other VPN app running or open in the background. 

If you have more connection problem on windows, please check here.

Alternatively, to avoid SimpleLink app issue in the future, you can also use an alternative app called Clash for Windows

Clash for Windows is more compatible with different windows versions. You just need to follow the instruction in the link.

It’s recommend you go for 1st solution. if you are not able to solve the issue on SimpleLink windows app, then go for 2nd option Clash for Windows. If you tried both and still not running. Please text customer support.