How to download SimpleLink iOS app

To download SimpleLink 易连 in App Store, please click this link:

SimpleLink 易连 is FREE to download.

If you CAN NOT open the above link/page, please understand that all VPN apps are entirely banned in App Store China. If you have a Chinese Apple ID, you probably won’t be able to find SimpleLink 易连 in the Chinese App Store.

The app can only be downloaded in a non-China App Store. So we created some non-China App Store accounts for aspiring SimpleLink users like you.

Please follow the instruction below (as shown in the video) to download the app:

Step 1: Sign out your current Chinese App Store ID

Open App Store

Press your profile icon on the top right corner

Scroll screen all the way down and press Sign Out button.

Step 2: Now you are signed out. Please re-log in with the new non-China App Store ID provided below:

If the account doesn’t work, then click the green button (修复账号) to pop up a new account.

复制账号=Copy Email
复制密码=Copy Password

Log in again with the App Store ID account we provide. DO NOT press Done. The verification will automatically begin.


Please press Other options, then Do no upgrade. Otherwise the account will become invalid.

If you see the new App Store ID info, you are good. Now you can find SimpleLink 易连 in App Store!

Step 3: Download SimpleLink, and start the connection with Simple.

Here we go! You GOT it!


Make sure you log out the App Store account we provided, and re-log into your personal Apple ID, otherwise you won’t be able to subscribe any plan.